How To Get Highly Targeted Traffic And Leads On Facebook With As Little As $5 A Day Budget

To be quite honest with you, I wasn’t always a fan of paid traffic.

I used to be really cheap and afraid to spend money on traffic.

To me it didn’t make sense to pay for traffic if I could get free traffic.

However, I realized that although free traffic doesn’t cost you a single dime, it actually costs you the one thing that you will never get back.

Do you know what that is?

Your time.

Yes, your time is not a renewable resource, so once it is gone, you will never get it back. So, once I began to value my time, I began to realize that paid traffic is sometimes the better option when it comes to paid versus free traffic.

I actually believe the combination of free traffic and paid traffic is the wisest thing to do, as opposed to just choosing one, but if you master paid traffic, free traffic will simply be optional for you.

Nowadays, I focus most of my time on both free and paid traffic because they’re both powerful when done correctly.

However, at one point I pretty much stopped doing free traffic and focused all my time on paid traffic…

Why spend hours and hours trying to drive traffic for “free” when you could get the same results within minutes by spending as little $5 in some cases?

Yes, you heard me right. Sometimes I’ll spend a measly $5 and get targeted traffic instantly that leads to subscribers to my list, or sometimes may even lead to instant sales depending upon the offer I’m promoting.

Are you ready to start getting endless traffic and leads with Facebook’s advertising platform?

Look, if you want fast, affordable, and high quality traffic, then Facebook is all you really need. I personally, spend most of my advertising budget on Facebook advertising. Once I explain how Facebook advertising works, I’m sure you will see why I’m such a big fan.

First and foremost, Facebook’s advertising platform allows you to get high quality traffic starting with a budget of $5 a day. So, having a limited budget is no excuse to get involved with Facebook.

Once you setup an advertising campaign with Facebook, you will receive feedback on how well your ad(s) are doing, and you will be able to get specific information that will allow you to optimize your campaigns for even better results.

For example, you can see what age groups respond to your ads more. You can see, how much a click to your website or fan page costs, and you can see the click-through-rate. Those are just a few of the different reports you can utilize to help you get the most bang for your buck.

You also have a variety of advertising options. Some examples include:

– Send people to your website
– Boost your posts
– Promote a page

So, let’s say you wanted to send people directly to your website.

Let me give you a run-down of exactly how you would do that.

First, you would go to the “ads manager” click the green button that says “create ad”.

Next, choose the marketing objective under “Consideration” that says “Traffic”.

Then choose the campaign name.

Next, you get to choose your targeted audience, your budget, and the schedule of how your ad will be ran.

I typically will go with the United States for my first campaign (you can make a separate campaign to target other countries).

When it comes to the age range, that will depend upon your niche and the offer you’re promoting.

So, I let’s pretend that I’m promoting an offer about losing weight.

I would chose the age group of 25-45 because I noticed that is the age group of people who are normally interested in losing weight.

I chose women as the gender, because I would like to make my advertising targeted to my offer which we will pretend is geared towards women.

For language I would chose English, assuming the offer I’m promoting is in English, and in the detailed targeting section, I would chose interests that are relevant only to people who are interested in losing weight.

I would then chose a daily budget of $10, which is a decent amount to test in the beginning, but you can go as low as $5 to start out.

Leave the schedule as is and click “Continue”.

On the next page I would choose my ad to have a single image.

Then I chose one of the stock images that Facebook has available, or I would search online for a relevant image that is royalty free.

The I would connect my Facebook page (which means you will need to create a quick Facebook page if you don’t have one).

Creating a Facebook page is pretty simple. Just open up a new tab, do a quick search on Google for “Facebook page”, click the first result that pops up and follow the steps to create a Facebook page within 5 minutes.

I would insert a compelling headline for my ad, “Get This Tasty Fat-Burning Diet Plan & A Bonus Workout Plan”. In the text box I would insert some text speaking to my audience about how hard it is to lose weight and how clicking my ad will help them with that problem.

In the section that says “New Feed Link Description” I would insert a text that says, “Get Instant access to the Tasty Fat-Burning diet plan and your bonus workout plan 100% free by clicking here now!”

In the display link section I would insert the link that I want to be displayed when someone sees my ad.

When I’m starting a new campaign I choose the option to have my ad shown to the viewers desktop news feed. I do this for two reasons. First, I want my ad to be shown on the news feed where my viewers can see it clearly , and secondly I want to separate my ad results so I won’t have my desktop newsfeed ad results, mixed up with my ad results for the other categories.

Also, from my experience, desktop newsfeed ad clicks tend to be more high quality clicks then from any of the other options.

In the image above I chose the call-to-action to be “Learn More”.

Once I’m done, I like to review the details to make sure everything is correct, and then I hit the button that says “Place Order”.

Now, that is how you setup a Facebook ad. You can expect Facebook to either approve or disapprove your ad within 48 hours. If Facebook approves your ad, you can just wait and Facebook will start showing your ad and feeding you the results of how well your ad is doing.

If your ad is rejected by Facebook, you will receive a reason as to why it was rejected, and you can go and make the necessary adjustments to get your ad approved.

So, there it is. That is how you can setup your own Facebook ad with a $5 daily budget and start getting targeted traffic to your sites and offers in the next 24 hours!