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Trey Morgan

From The Desk Of Trey Morgan
Orlando, Florida

Hey my friend,

I’m looking for a dream client for whom I can design a $10,000 per month lifestyle.

And, if you’re that person, then I will personally work one-on-one with you to help you achieve your dream goal of $10,000 per month.

Don’t worry! You wouldn’t have to pay a cent.

This is why: The first thing I’m going to do is design a custom plan that cuts through all the BS and the overwhelm…and lets you focus on the FEW steps you have to take to…$10,000 per month of uninterrupted income for the rest of your life!

I will do this 100% free of charge. And, it shouldn’t take more than 60 minutes of your time…

…the most important part is, you’ll know exactly how many days you’ll need to get there.

After we are done with the 60 minute call, one of these 3 things will happen:

  1. You’ll love the action plan that I’ve shown you, and you will decide to do it on your own. In which case, I’ll say “best of luck”. I would ask you to keep in touch, and send me a testimonial when things work out.
  2. You love the plan, and you decide to work with me. If that happens, then you can really kiss your money worries good-bye. Since, you’ll have the accountability, and me by your side to personally take care of all your problems. And, there will be literally nothing between you and your goals. I’ll be your personal hit man who takes out all your obstacles 1-by-1. All your problems become my problems.
  3. In the rarest of cases, you’ll feel like I have wasted your time. And, if that happens, I’ll send you $100 to your Paypal Account. No Questions Asked. I understand that your time is your most valuable asset, and I respect that.

That’s it. There is nothing more to it.

If you really think about this, The most horrible thing that will occur in the entire scenario… …is that you feel I have wasted your time, and I’ll send you $100 for wasting an hour of your time.

But, on the other side, the best thing that can happen is that we end up working together, and you actually…for the first time ever…in your internet marketing career…

Reach The $10,000 per month Mark, and Experience A Care-free Life that <2.5% People On This Planet Get To Enjoy!

Let me clarify the process even further.

What’ll happen is, first, we get on the phone and discuss your personal situation.

I’ll look at your unique skill-set, what your personal goals are, and what I can do so you can achieve $10,000 per month mark…in the fastest time possible!

After that, I’ll design a custom plan for you (easy and actually “doable”), which will clear away all the distractions that keep your eyes focused on the $10,000 per month prize.

There is no one single action plan for everyone…

…because everyone is different. Everyone has different challenges. That’s why, it’s important for me to know exactly what your challenges are, what your strengths are, what you are going through… so I can give you a plan that’s “right for you”!

Again, there is no charge for this!

Why am I Giving It Away For FREE?

There are two reasons:

Number 1: I love doing it. I do this because nothing gratifies me better than helping others achieve their goals.

In my experience, “Giving back” is the best feeling you can have in this world. I love to see when someone breaks through their barriers, and reaches their dreams.

I believe “THIS transformation” which human beings go through when they reach the $10,000 per month goal, and the person they become afterwards, is an absolute delight to watch.

It makes sleep at night with peace.

Number 2
: this is how I attract most of my clients.

This is what I mean: Let’s say you like what I have to say, and like my plan, and you decide to work with me.

Then, I’ll invite you to become a personal client of mine for my exclusive $10k Total Freedom Program.

$10k Per Month Plan In 60 Minutes.

More than 98% of people in IM don’t make any money...

At this point, you can choose not to do anything…and keep wishing something magically might change your life…and keep hoping like the rest of the 98% do.

Or, you can work with me, and take charge of your destiny, in fact, not only will I show you how to make $10k in a month but I'll show you how to make $10k in a day!

Although, it might seem impossible, right now, but in the next few months, you might drop $2000+ for a special ‘Weekend Dinner for 2’ with your loved one…down on your quick vacation down to Hawaii.

(Do you think your loved one will look at you with awe and respect once you have achieve your $10,000 mark?)

What about all the people who doubted you and thought you would just be mediocre nobody?

If you make the right choice, there will be nothing stopping you from achieving your goals!

The sad truth is that Vacation to Hawaii will NEVER unfold in REALITY…for many reading this letter, because they’ll never take any action.

I hope you don’t make that common mistake!

Right now, there is ZERO risk on your side, all you have to do is talk to me, see if my plan makes sense to you, and then you can decide if this IS something you can DO.

And look. If you don’t want to become my clients that perfectly fine too. I’m not going to pressure you, or put a heavy sales pitch on you. In fact, you won’t hear sales pitch or pressure from me.

I’m going to make this decision insanely easy for you:

Here is my “Dare-Devil Guarantee”:

You’ll find out that the CUSTOM plan that I’ve specially designed for you in extremely valuable OR I’ll pay a $100 for wasting your time.

The only reason I can do this…is because I have proved it over and over again for many clients, and I can imagine you actually reaching your $10,000 per month goal.

Just pause for second…and think about what I’m offering you right now:

I’m promising you that I’ll be personally constructing a customized PLAN for you to get towards $10,000 per month – for FREE – there is no charge for this.

And, you ONLY have to pay if (and only if) you 100% love it, and decide to work with me long term.

If that wasn’t enough, I’m offering you $100 immediately if you feel like I’ve wasted your TIME.

I’ll send it you immediately. No questions asked.

Currently No one In This Industry Will Offer You A Guarantee Like This:


Many IM gurus can only promise results. But, they can NEVER deliver it.

I’m going to be upfront and honest with you here:

Look, I don’t have a line of celebrities waiting to work with me. My services are not for them.

I love to help the little guy who had to work hard to achieve everything in this life.

I’ve been doing this for 8 years now. And, I’ve helped dozens of average guys achieve their dream goal of $10,000 per month. I’ve helped people set up several successful businesses in 50+ niches, both small and big.

As you can imagine, with a great offer like this, a lot of people are going to be interested in what I have to say…

…so, if you’re serious about getting to $10,000 mark, then pay really close attention to the next part,

I can’t help everyone. But, here is a small criteria of people who I can help:

Look, before we go any further, you need to know that I can’t help everyone. I can only be of benefit to internet marketers:

  • Ready to spend money on advertising

    I really need you to be OK spending money on advertising. And, if we get this RIGHT, and I’ve seen this across a few markets, and you would be getting all your money back instantly.


  • Has no problem building a list (I don’t think there any successful businesses that run without a list)


  • Will not give up or make excuses (I only work positive action-takers who refuse to lose)


  • Follow simple instructions (I will only work with "coachable" students who listen and take fast action)


That’s it. Those are my requirements.

If you do qualify for the 4 things that I mentioned, and if you’re interested in getting on the phone with me, then…

…here is what you have to do next:

You’ve got to fill out an application. It’s super easy, and won’t take more than 5 minutes.

I need to know everything I can about you, your goals, and current challenges, so I can devise an custom action plan for you as fast as possible!

What will happen after that:

Once I have your application, you will be sent to another page where you can schedule a time for us to talk.

Our initial call will be between 30-60 minutes.

Before the call actually begins, I will carefully go over your application in details to figure out, what plan can suit you perfectly.

And during the call, we will begin exploring the “right strategies” that will push you to the $10,000 per month mark in the fastest time possible.

At this point, if you like my plan, and see the value in working with me on a personal level, amazing! We can talk about it.

If not – that’s totally OK too.

And, in the worst case scenario, if you feel like I’ve wasted you time, then I’ll give you $100 immediately.

It’s a Win-Win situation for you.

(I can only make such bold guarantees because I can really deliver results)

If You’re Interested, Then Here are 2 Reasons Why You Should NOT Waste A Second

Why not?

Reason #1: Because of how I have structured this offer, there is tremendous amount of work I’ve to do of going over every application in excruciating detail, constructing the right plan for your needs, etc….

…things do get quite hectic. Like I said before, every person is unique, and has different challenges.

Therefore, it’s not possible for me to process more than 10 applications per day.

Since, I do all the work myself.

And then…

The truth is I can ‘t get on 10 calls per day (that would consume 10 hours of my time per day, and I’m not willing to do that) which means realistically I can only get on 2 calls per day…assuming I don’t have any requests from my current clients.

Consider that more than 100-300 people are reading this it page every day, and as you can imagine I do get regular flow of applications.

If that wasn’t enough…

 Reason #2: As you can see, once a client decides to work with me, I’m heavily invested in his or her success. I do have to spend a lot of time giving every client personal attention.

Which means, I can’t have a 100 clients at one time…

…I only handle around 2-6 clients at one time, depending on my schedule.

And, those spots fill up quickly.

Now, that you know the truth behind the whole operation…

I’m going to tell you again…do not waste another second…

Click here to fill out the application…

Let’s talk,

Trey Morgan

 P.S.  This is what some of my clients told me about the call:

(After we're done with the call, I’ll ask you too)

“The value you get from Trey is 100% straight-forward and he holds nothing back…” – Joshua

“…his knowledge and insight on internet marketing is impressive…” – Eric

“Trey is an awesome coach who listens to your issues, identifies your pain points, and provides a solution” – Jonathan

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