Shiny Object Success System launches:
July 14, 2015
12:00 PM. EDT
Warrior Plus

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What Is The Shiny Object Success System?

The Shiny Object Success System is a 4 part video training series plus an action plan pdf that will show you 4 effective ways to guarantee your own success from every single wso you buy


Here is what will be revealed to you in the Shiny Object Success System:

  • How to buy a wso, and guarantee your own success by following my proven step-by-step formula

  • How to set goals that motivate you for more than a day

  • How to determine the exact steps you need to take when you buy a wso to make sure you get results

  • How to benefit from every wso you buy even if the wso is a piece of garbage

  • How to put some skin in the game and set a fire under your butt to motivate yourself to take action on a daily basis (this is just a metaphor, I don't recommend cutting yourself or lighting yourself on fire )

  • How to instantly increase your confidence in the method taught in any wso which will also increase your motivation to take action

  • How to actually have fun pursuing the achievement of success with the methods learned in a wso

  • The secret formula that will make you an unstoppable success no matter what business models or methods you choose

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Shiny Object Success System

  • 100% Commissions
  • Starts @ $4.95
  • Dimesale and caps @ $9.95



3 WSO's For The Price Of 1

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  • 50% Commissions
  • Static price @ $17.oo
  • Downsell @ $9.00