How To Quit Your Job And Make Six Figures In Your Bed


Have you noticed that some of my videos are actually being recorded in my bed? Did you know that I literally make money while I’m in bed using nothing but my laptop and an internet connection? I get emails from people all the time asking me how they can make money online and they tell…

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How To Force Yourself To Take Action

just do it

  Are you trapped in the miserable state of knowing what to do but not being able to do it? Do you find yourself avoiding the actions that will make you successful instead of being a BOSS and doing what you need to do? To be honest with you, I have my days where I…

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What To Do When Your Hard Work Is Not Paying Off

Hard Work Not Paying OFF-

Do you feel like no matter what you do you’re still not achieving your goals and getting the results you deserve? Are you busting your butt, making sacrifices, and facing your fears, but you still end up with little to no results? Well, I know exactly how you feel. All my life I had to…

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You Are A King


We live in a world where anything is possible.  You have the power to shape your life and change the path you’re headed on. You get to decide how people treat you and what you deserve. You have the authority to live as a King or Queen on this Earth but you must believe and act…

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Embrace And Solve Problems

Problem Solvers

I believe there are three kinds of people in this world. You have the excuse-makers, the problem-solvers, and the people in the middle. The question is, which one are you?

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