Nobody Can Stop You But Yourself

Do you realize that you’re in full control of your life?

Don’t believe me?

If you decide to go and jump off a building….can anybody stop you?

Yeah sure, somebody might see you on top of the building and say “stop, don’t do it”!

But, if you make up your mind and truly decide you’re going to jump off a building, there is nothing anybody can do about it.

You can argue the point that someone can persuade you to make a decision, but ultimately the decision is always up to “YOU”.

So, what is my point you ask?

Well, my point is this…..

You have dreams, goals, and aspirations.

But, for some reason you haven’t achieved those dreams, goals, and aspirations.

There is only one reason you are not achieving your goals and it is not your parents fault, or the fault of your circumstances……oh no no no, it is your own fault my friend.

The only person that can stop you is “you”.

But….there are two versions of “you”.

There is the rational/logical “you” and then there is the emotional “you”.

The emotional “you” is the “you” that is holding you back from the achievement your goals.

The rational/logical “you” is the “you” that pushes you towards the achievement of your goals.

All it takes is the boldness to reject the emotional “you” and say, “I will.

Once you decide that “you will”, then “you” must muster up the courage to take action and responsibility for achieving your goals.

Nobody Can Stop You But Yourself.

Once you truly decide that enough is enough….

Once you truly decide that your happiness is your #1 priority….

Once you truly decide that your dreams and goals matter….

Once you truly decide that you’re willing do whatever it takes……YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL!