0.11 -
 List Building
5.55 - Product Creation
8.13 - Affiliate Marketing
12.08- High Ticket


You will learn about the various business models that you will use to make six figures online.


  • To ensure you know the various business models that you can use to make six figures online
  • To give you the option of choosing one or combining the business models for an explosive income
  • To ensure you focus on the proven, and tested online business models


The Power Of List Building



    • Write down the business model that you like the most.
    • Are you going to aim to combine all the business models or are you going to choose 1 and stick with it?
    • Write down your understanding of list building and explain to me why it is so powerful.



    • Ray Lee

      Reply Reply June 7, 2017

      Online business models

      1. The business model that I like the most
      a. List Building

      2. Choose the business models/combine or choose 1 and stick with it
      a. A combination of List building, product creation and high ticket business model.

      3. Write down my understanding of list building and explain why it is so powerful
      a. To build a list. The list might not be big and it can be a small list as long as your relationship with the list is good and you will need to build trust regularly with the list.
      b. Having a list is an asset and it is yours. I believe it is the foundation of your online business. It simply means that “money is in the list”.
      c. Able to sell your own product and promote offers to your buyer list.
      d. Able to sell high ticket offer to the list.


    • Anonymous

      Reply Reply June 14, 2017

      The business model I like the most is list building

      I’d like to choose a combination of all four.

      List building is powerful because it creates a traffic source you own and control.You can monetize a list in a variety of ways.
      It supplies new customers and repeat customers.
      Lists allow you to sell high ticket products with greater ease. Happy lists are full of customers who will vouch for you. A big happy list can increase its own size through super-affiliate programs. You can use a big list to launch your own super-affiliate program which then converts some of your customers into commssion-only sales people building your brand and list.
      A list is an asset which can be rented out or sold entirely.
      Having your own list allows you greater access to the lists/audiences of other marketers.
      The bigger your list, the bigger your brand can also be.

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