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 Principle 1 - Long-term Goals
5.31 - Principle 2 - Short-term Goals
9.34 - Principle 3 - Goal Achievement


You will learn how to set and achieve goals.


  • To ensure you set proper goals
  • To ensure you achieve your goals
  • To ensure you make consistent progress towards building a six-figure online business


Getting And Staying Motivated



    • Make a list of your long-term goals.
    • Make a list of your short-term goals.
    • Make a list of the actions you will need to take to achieve your long-term and short-term goals.
    • Apply the "Goal Achievement" principles when working towards the achievement of your goals.
    • Make a list of the ways you will get and stay motivated.



    • Ray Lee

      Reply Reply June 6, 2017

      Goals setting

      1. A list of long-term goals
      a. To be my own boss, quit 9 to 5 kind of job.
      b. To obtain a 6-figure online business yearly (at least $500,000 a year).

      2. A list of short term goals
      a. To earn $50 per day. For week 3 onwards, $100 per day.
      b. To drive traffic daily.
      c. To build my list daily.

      3. Actions need to take for long term goals
      a. To explore a list of partners that can help to achieve it.
      b. Stay focus and be positive to complete the tasks so as to build the online business.

      4. Actions need to take for short term goals
      a. Buy domain and hosting.
      b. Setup wordpress.
      c. Design logo such as ebook cover, website graphics and outsource this task.
      d. Write follow-up emails to build relationship to the list.

      5. A list of ways to stay motivated
      a. Stop making excuses.
      b. Stay focus on your goals that you have set.
      c. Print out the goals that you have set and put it in front of your computer so that you will feel motivated when you have completed each task.


    • Anonymous

      Reply Reply June 14, 2017

      Long term goals:
      1.To be free of employers forever.
      2. To make million dollars per year

      Short term Goals
      1. $2,000 per week by 15/7/2017
      2. $4000 per week by 16/9/2017
      3. To quit work by 16/9/2017

      Actions to be taken to achieve these goals
      1. To produce daily To Do List and do it it every day
      2. establish KPIs and meet those KPIs EVERYDAY. make sure they are achievable and make sure there is nothing else that can be done
      3.Review sales targets every 2-3 days. make sure it is working and make sure there is nothing else that can be done
      4.Review your brand building strategy EVERY WEEK – make sure it is working and make sure there is nothing else that can be done.
      5. Add another layer to the marketing actions every week.

      1.Keep a list of things I want and review it every day.
      2.Write a a set of affirmations which will reprogram my subconscious towards abundance – saying these after waking and before sleeping each day.
      3.Keep a journal of achievements and review it each day.

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