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So here's what we're going to be doing over the next 90 days....

1. Giveaway A 1-5 Page PDF That Solves A Specific Problem: I will help you create a short and actionable report that quickly solves a specific problem that people in the i.m. niche are dealing with. This will position you as a specialist in the i.m. niche and builds a strong foundation for you to build a relationship with each person who subscribes to your list.

2. Create A High Converting Squeeze Page: I will help you create a high converting squeeze page connected to your own autoresponder. We will set this up quickly using a plugin that I've been using successfully in my business.

3. Create A Thank-You Page: I will help you setup a thank-you page which will ensure that your prospect gets access to their free giveaway pdf, and also gets more info about you including your support email address, and any other relevant resources.

4. Create One-Time-Offer Page: The one-time-offer page will be designed to sell a $997 product/service through your auto responder. The way I go about this is unique because most people don't know how to do this, but I will show you how and you will see how I make it a no-brainer offer to the people on your list.

5. Create 14-Day Email Series: I'm going to show you how to quickly write a 14-day email series designed to build strong relationships with your subscribers and promote a $997 offer in the email series. I've used this 14-day email series to make a blind-blowing amount of money in a short-period of time.

6. Driving Targeted Traffic To Your List Building Funnel: This is the last step in the system, and in my opinion the most fun. I will show you free and paid methods of driving traffic to your funnel. This is not some theory-based traffic generation methods. I will show you exact same traffic generation methods I'm using in my business right now.