Have you just opened a drop shipping store and are you now wondering what promotion channels to choose?

Or, maybe you just want to accelerate sales of your existing drop shipping business?

In both cases, I want to share something interesting with you.

This is the story of a successful SMM strategy for a drop shipping project that brought us $4,587 in just 3 months.

Now Vapes Nation, a web store for vapes consumers, brings us a great income that grows day by day – and we are very happy with the results we are getting.

A brief note about our website:

Vapes Nation is a WordPress online shop based using an AliExpress plugin that helps to automate all the process related to the store. It offers a wide range of Vapes related products such as e-cigs, mods, e-juice, atomizers, batteries, accessories, etc. A good niche for e-commerce, isn’t it? The only question was: how to market my products so my Project starts getting some revenue. As you probably know, I had to use SEO & Social Media techniques to get high-quality traffic because I couldn´t do Pay Per Click because of the tobacco related niche.

I have no secrets! My strategy was as follows, please check your notes and read carefully this:

I used several promotion channels including On-Page & Off-Page SEO, but the main focus was on working in Facebook fan groups and Instagram Shoutouts.

Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest were also involved, but on an additional basis. By the way, I use a powerful plugin to automate all the process of doing a great social media promotion.

First look at this simple steps I made:

Step 1: I had to Create a Facebook fan page for my website and start filling it with product posts and great marketing materials. Don’t forget to add a targeted calls-to-action, hashtags, and enticing captions. Visual content is always the winner! Social Media Plugin is mandatory to do this.

Step 2: I Found and Joined dozens of niche fan groups with as great a number of subscribers as possible. I did this manually and also with the help of Social Media Plugin.

Step 3: I Shared my Vapes Nation page content in these groups to get likes, shares, and subscribers to my page.

Step 4: I Watched all these activities to turn into rich social traffic to my website. I should see lots of traffic with high conversions, great revenues, and happy clients!

This is a too easy strategy that anyone can follow.

don’t you agree?

And now see how I followed these 4 steps:

Step 1:

I created the website’s fan page on Facebook and filled it with primary content before starting the promotion.

What was the content?

I published a mix of product (commercial) and entertaining (neutral) posts. The second category included actors’ shots, citations, movie related humor, etc. Photo captions contained calls-to-action, links to vapesnation.com and popular relevant hashtags to grow the reach.

Example: “Like if you vape! Love Vaping? Visit us Today: VapesNation.com. #?vapes #?vapers #?ILoveVape”.

Product posts contained a merchandise image, several calls-to-action (“like”, “share”, “tag a friend”), a product name, a note about free worldwide shipment (This is important to put into the message) and a link to the product page.

Example: “Like and Share if you want this awesome Mod! Tag a friend who would love this! FREE Shipping Worldwide. Get it here /link, etc.

Step 2:

I found numerously closed and open Vapes Fans related groups – the biggest ones with most active subscribers (our target audience). That´s perfect to see my real and targeted potential prospects.

Social networks are a densely populated meeting place for any kind of fans, with Vapers being no exception, and so it was not a problem at all. I joined these groups, although sometimes it took time for me to be approved as members.

Step 3:

Having become approved group members, I shared posts from the Vapes Nation fan page in these groups. It is simple – you can easily do it yourself!

Just follow these points:

  1. Select a post to be shared in a Facebook group. Click the “Share” button and select the second option – “Share…” (the first one will make a re-post in your personal timeline, not a group).
  2. Select the “Share in a group” option and start typing the group’s name in the “Group” field until you see the needed group name offered by Facebook below the field.
  3. Click the offered group name – it will appear in the “Group” field. Click the “Post” button. Done!

Your re-post is already published in the group or is waiting to be approved and published (depending on the group’s moderation policy).

My reposts were published right away or quite soon after pre-moderation. Since all the posts were visual, entertaining and non-advertising (commercial product posts were not shared in groups), about 99% of them were approved by the groups’ admins and appeared in the subscribers’ feed. Sometimes (in the biggest and most popular communities) I had to pay a little fee, which was about $15 – $25 for the post to display in the group for 3 days. These expenses always paid off many times because those groups are very popular!

The posts about Vapes Nation got a substantial reach on FB, with numerous likes and shares. The reach grew every hour – just look at these numbers a few hours later I did this:

Now Let´s Talk About Instagram

Sometimes it’s pretty hard to say in advance what promotion channel will work for your business, isn’t it?

I always like to try a new thing to grow my business to the level I want, I try Facebook Groups to help me with my marketing goals, I´d like to introduce my next promotion strategy using Instagram as a Social Channel.

Now that you are puzzling over what strategy to choose, let us draw your attention to a relatively new, but immensely powerful SMM method – shoutouts in Instagram.

Please Read carefully this notable strategy of smart SMM steps for a drop shipping project that brought me lots of orders and a great amount of revenue in just 1 month (This helped me to scale and start living my freedom with my business).

At the moment “Super Comics Online”, a merchandise web store for fans of “Fandom Comics”, keeps on rolling and brings us an ever-growing monthly profit.

A few words about the project:

SuperComicsOnline.com is a WordPress online shop based using an AliExpress plugin that helps to automate all the process related to the store. I sell lots of products such as costumes, T-shirts, other clothing, gifts, posters, jewelry, etc. Owing to the huge popularity of Marvel and D.C. Comics (the craziest in mankind’s history, as you might already know), we knew at the very beginning that the site would be a bomb. We just needed the site to be seen by the target audience!

I waited until fan interest reached its peak, the NEW season of Gotham, The Flash, Super Girl, etc.  – and also I used another huge bomb of recent years – Instagram – to promote the site. And there was an explosion.

Here’s the exact formula of my detonation mixture. Try to do the same yourself:

As I told you at the beginning of this training, I use several promotion channels including PPC, Off-Page, and on-page SEO, but since this niche is perfect for visual presentation, I focus on Instagram (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+ and Pinterest were also involved, but just as an addition).

Follow these steps if you really want to boost your traffic, conversions and of course Sales:

Step 1: Create an Instagram account for your web store and fill it with product posts and entertaining materials, Good looking and engaging content is the key. Don’t forget to add calls-to-action, hashtags, and enticing captions. I use a Social Media Automatization Tool to help me with this.

Step 2: I Use Instagram search to find other niche related accounts with the highest number of subscribers as possible.

Step 3: I contact directly the owners of these accounts via Direct mail, ask if they publish paid shoutouts and discuss the details.

Step 4: I make the payment and provide the materials for shoutout: a product image, a link to the product page, a short caption, and hashtags. I Wait until my shoutout begins.

Step 5: I duplicate the post in your website’s Instagram account. Answer comments and questions about the product, and advise where to buy it.

Step 6: Then I sit and watch as my number of account subscribers grows and the curve of social traffic rises in Google Analytics. All this results in good conversions and sales.

It´s not as complicated as you thought, is it?

And this is how we followed these 6 steps:

Step 1:

I created the website’s account on Instagram and filled it with primary content before starting the promotion. Actually, I had more than 50 engaging posts before starting with this, you can do that with Social Madia plugin to automate this process faster.

My content was as follows:

I made a mix of product (commercial) and entertaining (neutral) posts with neutral ones prevailing. They included memorable movie shots, comics’ photos, citations, series related humor, de-motivators, etc. Photo captions contained calls-to-action, links to SuperComicsOnline.com and popular relevant hashtags to grow the reach.

An example of my messages: “Like if you find it cool! Love Super Comics? Visit us: SuperComicsOnline.com #Comics #Comicsfamily #Comicsfan, #MarvelFamily”.

Product posts contain a merchandise image, its name and price, a call-to-action (“check out the site”, “ask us for more merch”, “tag a friend”, etc.), a note about free shipment and a note that there’s an active link in the bio leading to the product page.

Example: “Black Widow Bracelet for only $9.97 (FREE shipping worldwide!) Isn’t it cool? Check out SuperComicsOnline.com for more deals like that! Ask us for more merch. The active link in BIO. #Marvel #MarvelFamily #BlackWidow #ComicsFans #SuperComicsAddict #ComicsMemes #MarvelMarathon”.

Step 2:

I found numerous Fandom Comics related accounts via an Instagram search and followed the biggest ones with most active subscribers (my target audience). We entered keywords such as “Comics ”  or “Marvel fans” into the search field and examined the results. Unfortunately, Instagram does not indicate the number of subscribers to the accounts listed in search results, so I had to visit each one to see this number. I had to spend some time doing this to find my prospects and audience.

Instagram is choke-full of Super Comics addicts, so the list of fan communities is endless. We joined the most popular ones.

Step 3:

Having chosen the biggest accounts (10K to 2 Millions of subscribers), we contacted their admins via Direct mail asking if they published paid posts.

In the case of a positive reply, we proceeded to the details.

The experienced admins normally have ready price-lists and their own terms of work. The price usually varies from $15 to $50 sometimes to $100, it depends on the size of the community. You only agree or disagree to co-operate, depending on your budget and needs.

As for less experienced admins, there is often a space for negotiation. The price and other issues are solved quickly. Sometimes you are even asked what price you would find reasonable, and you have to make a fair price. In such cases our offers were as follows: $5 for a shoutout in a community with 30-50K of subscribers; $10-15 for 50-100K; $20-25 for 100-250K; $25-50 for 250K and more. $50 was our maximum budget. You can also stick to these prices in case you are asked to set the price yourself.

Some admins can temporarily (until the shoutout is over) place a link to your product page in their bios. Some take the additional sum of around $5 to do that; others do it for free, as a bonus.

Also, there are companies who help to find Instagram Accounts in each niche you need, with their profile scores, engagement and number of subscribers with a Price for the shoutout, It will help you to make a better decision. I recommend this link to do that: Shout Cart

Step 4:

I made a payment by PayPal and provided my materials for the shoutout (By the way, some admins are eager to see them before the payment – they want to be sure that the post will suit the whole account and won’t spoil their reputation).

We sent: 1. The product image with our Instagram username and the website’s address printed right over the image. We usually selected one of our bestsellers and made a collage of the product images and a portrait of the hero associated with it:

  1. The caption textwith a call-to-action; 3. The link to the product page. It’s better to use Google URL Shortener if the links are too long; 4. The hashtags (some admins also offer their variants).

Step 5:

I set the publication time. Intervals were 11 a.m.-1 p.m. and 5-6 p.m. (local time for the audience), which always showed good results. We agreed that the admin would tag me on the photo as soon as the post was published (to know at once when the shoutout started). Shortly before the set time I duplicated the same post in our own Instagram account and placed the same link in our bio. Then, I waited for the start.

Fan merchandise is always welcome in relevant Instagram communities, so the number of likes is usually pretty high:

I answered all comments on both accounts. If somebody asked questions about the product, I answered them publicly and privately (via Direct mail) and explained where the product was available for purchase. Sometimes I offered related products from our web store.

And then came the time for CONVERSIONS for Both Vapes Nation and Super Comics Online!

Since the post captions contained backlinks to vapesnation.com and same with Instagram Shoutout with Super Comics Online, the website’s traffic stably made up 7,000-9,000 sessions per month for Vapes Nation & 11,000-13,000 sessions per month for Super Comics Online.


The Results:

In the first three months of SMM activities in Facebook groups, the website got 105 orders from social traffic and brought in $4,587 Gross Sales. The average monthly net income is currently $2.5k.


The Results:

In the first six weeks of SMM activities in Instagram Shoutouts, the website got more than 150 orders from social traffic and brought in more than $2k in Sales.

At this time of making this training, I´m making around 3k monthly with my Social Media campaign.

The Conclusion:

Promotion of drop shipping sites via Facebook groups and Instagram Shoutouts is very simple and extremely effective for any fan website. Taking into account that FB boasts billions of users and it´s the same with Instagram because the audience is growing each day, every merchandise store can find its market here.

Hope this training helps you with your marketing goals.