Facebook has grown to become the most popular (most-used) social networking site in the world receiving more traffic than Google.

There is nearly 2 billion active users on Facebook which gives everyone an opportunity to market their own products and services online.

Not only does Facebook have more traffic then you can handle, Facebook also has the most targeted advertising options on the internet.

I’m going to show you step-by-step how you can use free and paid Facebook strategies to sell your products and services at will.

[Free Facebook Traffic]

Whether you believe it or not, there are people who have built 6-7 figure businesses using nothing but free Facebook traffic.

However, it’s not just about getting free Facebook traffic, it’s about getting targeted traffic.

How to get targeted Facebook friends…

  • Join relevant groups
  • Make informative posts and engage in discussion
  • People will start following you and adding you if you make awesome and relevant posts (spread good vibes)
  • Post consistently for best results
  • Focus on active groups

Once you start making friends then you need to start building relationships with them. Message all your friends the minute they add you or you add them and engage in light conversation. From there, you can get to know the person and see whether or not you can help them with your product or service.

Make status updates daily to stay relevant. You can let people know what you do by displaying your authority on a subject on your status updates. For example, let’s say you’re a weight loss expert. Instead of going around telling everybody you’re a weight loss expert, you can simply display your authority on the subject of losing weight by providing excellent content on your status updates or in your discussions in relevant groups.

Focus on building credibility before doing any kind of selling. You can build credibility through your content (status updates, group posts, and answering questions). Once you’ve spent a reasonable amount of time putting out great content and helping people for free, there is nothing wrong with selling a product or service that you feel will impact people’s lives positiviely.

Types Of Status Updates

  • Personal posts about life (pictures of events you attended or insight into your life)
  • Posts to valuable content on your site (link or copy and paste the content onto your status)
  • Offer posts (Make a post about an opportunity that your audience would find valuable)
  • Offer posts should be in a 1:3 ratio to your personal status updates

Facebook Group Posts

Engage in discussion in the groups relevant to your niche.

When you join a group ask yourself “how can I become the go-to expert in this group(s)”?

Essentially you need to build a reputation of consistently answering people’s questions in detail. Also, you need to make valuable posts without marketing any links. This is a form of indirect attraction marketing. You will attract your ideal customers and clients through your content and your ability to answer questions in the group.

If you don’t know the answer to questions, go and find the answers by doing some quick research on the topic. Not only will you be helping people by providing solutions to their problems, but you will be increasing your knowledge and you will become more valuable in the perception of your audience.

Your Own Facebook Group

Create a group associated with your product and/or service. Use your group to brand yourself or your company with your long-term vision in mind. How do you want people to see you within your niche? Do you want to be known as a leading authority in your niche? Do you want to be known as the most entertaining person in your niche? Do you want to be known as the affordable option in your niche? What is your USP (unique selling proposition)?

After you create your group the next thing you want to do is create a pinned post where you set the rules of the group. Look at other groups to get an idea of what kind of rules will be appropriate for your group.

Make the description of your group clear so people know what to expect and what to post in your group.

Next, you want to start inviting people on your friends list to join the group.

A group is like a list. Your group…..Your rules. Put links to your sites in your description and make valuable content posts and offer posts in the group on a daily basis.

Stand out! Be different, because there are a ton of groups and you need to make your group stand out from the crowd.

Facebook Fan Page

A Facebook fan page is somewhat like a group but it is typically used mainly for promotion of an individual or company whereas a group is more of like a discussion forum.

When people like your fan page it will be exposed to their friends, and it will increase the credibility of your brand. The more likes you have the more people will see you as an authority in your niche.

Anyone can check out your Facebook page, even if they’re not members of Facebook.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook’s advertising platform allows anyone with a decent budget (as low as $5 a day) to drive tons of highly targeted traffic to any website that doesn’t break Facebook’s advertising policies. You can check Facebook’s prohibited content section of their policies, to make sure you don’t do anything to risk your account getting shut down.

I’m going to give you a quick summary of Facebook’s advertising platform so you can get an understanding of what it is and how it can be of benefit to you.

Facebook’s advertising platform allows companies and individuals to promote their products and services to their targeted audience.

So, let’s say you are a selling an ebook that helps balding men regrow their hair. You could setup an ad that literally targets men who are balding or interested in re-growing hair and promote your ebook to them directly.

With the right image and message, you could literally said setup a campaign and find yourself making your first sale within 24 hours. Even if you don’t sell your product right away, you will get a ton of exposure to your brand and start building up a fan base.

When advertising on Facebook, it is all about getting people’s attention. You don’t need to sell anything right off the bat. It is better to invite people to check out a piece of content or try out your product for free instead of coming right out and asking them to buy something.

Most people are on Facebook for entertainment and don’t want to be annoyed with advertisements that are forcing their products and services on them. Giving something away for free is a much better approach to making sales with Facebook, because it shows people you know your stuff (assuming your free content is of high quality) which results in trust and will lead to future purchases.

Remember Facebook is not Google. People don’t go on Facebook to search and buy stuff, so you have to keep that in mind when creating your ads. You have to first get your target audience’s attention with your image, and then you need to keep their attention with your message.

The Facebook Platform

3 Things to focus on when creating an ad:

-Social Relevance (your ad must be relevant to what’s going on in the mind of your target audience)

-Social Enjoyment (your ad must make people feel strong emotion(s), or in other words it must be the opposite of dull and boring)

-Social Interest (your ad must capture your target audience’s eye and keep them engaged to take action)

Process Of Facebook Ad Creation

The process is very straight-forward.

You simply go to Facebook.com, sign-in and go to the left sidebar where you will find the heading that says “explore” and below the you will see an option that says “Ads Manager”. Click that an you will be sent to the ads manager page and on the top-right you will see a green button that says “create ad”. Click that button and follow the directions to setup your Facebook ad.

Facebook Targeting

Start with country (typically U.S., Canada, Australia, and the UK) and then gender, and interests. Interests you can target include, events, authors, books, celebrities, brands, tv shows, speakers, etc…

What Can I Advertise

You can advertise:

-Web Pages



-Facebook pages

-Facebook groups



– Affiliate Products (Be strategic about it)

How To Get Noticed On Facebook

-Be authentic (don’t be afraid to be “YOU”

-Be transparent

-Build trust (post content consistently to display your authority in your niche and focus on helping people solve their problems within your niche)

-It’s all about creating the feeling of connection with your audience

5 Quick Facebook Marketing Tips

Here are 5 tips you can use to become an Authority Figure in your niche:

1: Make your profile/page socially relevant. Keep up with the news and what’s hot, and relate your content to what’s already popular and viral.

2: Create content that you can’t find anywhere else. If you want to be the go-to-guy or go-to-girl in your niche, then you need to separate yourself from the crowd by creating your content with your own style.

3: Update your status consistently. Decide whether you’re going to post daily, every-other-day, or weekly. Whatever you decide, stick to it. Ideally you should aim to post daily if you want to stay relevant.

4: Provide rewards for your fans in exchange for commenting on your posts, sharing your posts, completing a challenge, etc…

5: Use interactive media on your Facebook page/profile (questions, quizzes, discussions, facebook live videos, etc…)

Facebook Ad Dangers

*Make sure you read Facebook guidelines to avoid having your account shutdown

*When in doubt, if you think you shouldn’t do it, then you probably shouldn’t do it. If you’re really not sure, then check the Facebook guidelines.

Facebook Advertising Misconceptions

  1. Not having a strong call-to-action: Make sure you tell your viewer exactly what you want them to do in the ad, whether that is to click a link to your site, Facebook page, or Facebook group
  2. One-and-done: Test multiple ads instead of putting all your hope in one ad. Test different headlines, images, and ad text body.
  3. Just putting an ad up quickly: If you want to be successful with Facebook advertising, then you should take the time to construct an excellent ad by understanding your target audience, and giving them what they want.
  4. Not reading the terms of service, and policies: If you don’t read Facebook’s guidelines and restrictions, then you run the risk of getting your account shut down. It is not worth it to risk your account, just take some time to go through the policies before setting up your ads.
  5. Broad messaging and targeting: If you put out an ad with a broad message and broad targeting, then your results will more than likely be very poor. It’s better to be super specific, than to be broad. Focus on solving one specific problem for a specific person. This will attract your ideal clients and customers and weed out the people who aren’t right for you and your offer.
  6. Not watching your ad campaign and improving it: Facebook ads allow you to drive targeted traffic to your site automatically, but it still requires you to monitor your campaign and make changes to improve the results. Don’t make the mistake of running an ad and forgetting about it. Keep your eyes on your ads and test multiple variations of your ad until you have maxed out the conversions and effectiveness of your ad.

Facebook Wrap-Up

Facebook is an important advertising avenue that you should be using right now to generate more business.

Keys to Facebook success:

  • Be your authentic self
  • Add value to your friends, fans, and groups by posting valuable content and focusing on solving problems within your niche
  • Use Facebook’s laser-like ad targeting system
  • Post useful and relevant links to your sites and offers within Facebook’s terms of service

Using the step-by-step system above will allow you to build a lucrative business empire from Facebook alone. Facebook has all the traffic, and leads you will ever need to build your business. Don’t let my ability to simplify the steps fool you, this stuff can transform your business very quickly if you apply it.

If you’d like personal coaching or done-for-you services related to what you’ve read here, feel free to contact us here or apply for our services here.