Want to know how to get an endless stream of visitors to your site every single day?

Well, check out this post written by my assistant Que, who used to struggle with getting traffic to her blog, but now she knows exactly how to get traffic to any site.

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I still remember when I first started blogging, I wrote the content myself, I wrote about the things I like, and I did not care what my readers really cared back then.

3 months passed and I got “zero” traffic to the site. *laugh*

I did not know what to do to get people to read my articles which are considered as the best articles in the industry *laugh*

I started reading several posts, learning great tips from the masters and applied it to my website and it worked amazingly. So today, I will give you free tips on how to get traffic to your website.

–    The first thing you need to do is to create high-quality content by choosing the right topic that readers care about, then publish articles based on that. If your content is useless to your readers, no one will care about you, not even the search engines.

–    The second thing you need to consider is to optimize your on-page. You must make it easy to read, rich content…Improve your page speed. Imagine if you visit a blog which contains the information you need but you cannot load the page, I bet you will give it up and try another one although that page may be informative, right?

–    The next thing is to get started with Social media. You must create several social pages on the top social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google plus. I know a person who owns several websites which generate 100 MILLION page views per months. Just imagine that he only makes money with Google AdSense, how much money does he really earn? 100 million page views result in a significant income in a month and he has SEVERAL sites like that one. I will tell you how to generate traffic to your blog like he does right here in this post.

–    After having a Facebook page, the next thing you must do is to create Facebook ads for your page to get people to recognize it and like it. You will have true fans, and for every status you post on Facebook, they will definitely read it and connect to your blog as well.

–    Be sure to have giveaway contents on your blog, then you can also collect the reader’s email as well. Always remember that people love things for free and they will continue looking for such free things until they grab it. After they have the things they need they will be sure to come back to your site more often since they think you’re a trusted source.

Everything you see above is what Trey and I are doing with our blogs and we get endless amounts of traffic from those small tips. If after following these tips, you still can’t get more traffic to your site than before, I recommend you repeat the steps again and again and you will succeed, otherwise, schedule a complimentary strategy session below and I will help you directly.

I wish you the best and hope you will achieve great success.

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