How To Attract And Recruit A Massive Team Of Affiliates For Your Next Product Launch

If you’re thinking about doing your first product launch or maybe you’ve done a few product launches and you want to take it to the next level then you will find value in this post.

I’m going to give you some tips on how you can attract and recruit a massive team of affiliates for your next product launch by leveraging the power of the internet.

Let’s get right to it!

[3 Types Of Affiliate Programs]

  1. Online-based information product focused
  2. Online-based tangible product focused
  3. Self-hosted multiple type product focused

Online-Based Information Product Focused

-supports digital information products

-user friendly

-cost effective

-affiliate recruitment assistance

Online-Based Info Product Affiliate Programs


-You can setup an affiliate program for ebooks, video courses

– Connects affiliates and vendors

-Can handle front-end and back-end aspects of your business

– Reach a global audience

– Helps with re-marketing to customers who purchase your products

-Attracts affiliate marketers (Network of 500,000 affiliate marketers on the site)

-Manages affiliate payouts

-Mobile-optimized order forms compatible with smartphones, and ipads, and tablets.

-Supports ongoing subscriptions and recurring monthly memberships

– Create joint-venture contracts and automatically split profits

-One-click upsell feature

-One-time product activation fee of $49.95


-You can setup an affiliate program for digital products such as ebooks, video courses, etc..

-You can host your sales page on deal guardian or your own self-hosted site

-Handles refunds and affiliate payouts for you

-Automated autoresponder integration

-Automated membership integration (so you can charge monthly recurring fee)

-Sales funnels with upsells, downsells, and one-time offers

-Automated and safe product delivery

-Affiliate page creator

-Affiliate prize/reward system

-Advanced analytics

– Sales page split-testing

-Joint venture feature

-Viral discount coupons feature

-Enhanced SEO


-Instant and delayed affiliate payments

-Automated digital product delivery

-Lifetime cookies for affiliates

-Instant Affiliate program setup

-Tracking and statistics feature

-Integrates with almost any software or script for digital products (paypal, stripe, slack,gotowebinar,etc…)

-Simple drop and click sales funnel generator

-Dime-sale technology (countdown clock)

-Ad manager plugin for affiliates

-Joint venture profit sharing

-Paypal payment integration

-Instant list building technology

-One-time or recurring payments with trial feature



-You can setup an affiliate program for digital products such as ebooks, video courses, etc…

-Assists with affiliate recruitment

-Automatic secure product delivery

-Autoresponder integration (aweber, getresponse, etc…)

-Track downloads and ip address

-Detailed stats on sales, visitors, affiliates, products, etc…

-Dimesale feature

-Blacklist buyers feature

-Sell subscription-based products

-Paypal integration

-Merchant account integration via stripe

-Eligible for “deal of the day promotion” (if your products sells very well you can receive deal of the day which gives your product lots more exposure and credibility)

-Instant payment split with affiliates and joint venture partners

-1-click instant refunds

-Prelaunch management

-Unlimited upsells and downsells

-Affiliate contest management

-Sales page split testing

[Online-Based Tangible Product Focused]

-simple to use

-more expensive but still cost-effective overall

-assists in affiliate recruitment

[Online-Based Tangible Affiliate Programs]


-Supports tangible product promotion

-Advertiser toolbox (affiliate customer insights, api & web services, product catalog datafeed, etc..)



-Offline sale tracking and rewarding system

-Pay for performance (CPA or Cost per action)

-Lead generation solutions

-Cross-device solutions

-App engagement

-Content solutions

-Placements marketplace


-Supports tangible product promotion

-Real-time tracking

-Segment & group affiliates

-Merchant API

-Welcome Kit

-Training Webinars

-Program Diagnostics

-Check processing and affiliate payout

-Affiliate approval (prescreening)

-Affiliate help desk

-Merchant services

-Ad serving charge

-Product datafeed upload

-FTP Download Permission

-One-time access fee  of $550 + $100 minimum deposit to get started

[Self-Hosted Multiple Type Product Focused]

-More Complex but feature-rich

-More expensive, but professional and scalable

-Not as much help gaining affiliates

[Self-Hosted Affiliate Program Options]


-Integrates with your website

-No transaction Fees

-Generate sales first with no additional advertising cost

-Multiple payment options

-Variety of marketing tools

-Mobile Optimized

-Website Replication

-Facebook Connect

-Free version limited to 50 affiliates

-No time limits, upgrade anytime you want

-Unlimited affiliate members after upgrade

-Easy affiliate management

-Unlimited affiliate offers

-Affiliate tracking options

-Multiple payment options

-Customize affiliate payouts

-Affiliate site design and layout customization

-Security and fraud prevention

-Affiliate stats and reporting

-Customizable languages

-Support for multiple currencies

-Mailing lists and newsletter

-Data Management

-Integration and automation API

-Network marketing features


-Advanced affiliate management

-Simplified affiliate onboarding

-Share to Facebook

-Simple Self-serve affiliate user interface

-You can login as an affiliate to see what they see

-Affiliate search feature

-API and data feed access for affiliates

-Custom settings per affiliate

-Customizable merchant dashboard

-Customizable affiliate dashboard

-Personalized affiliate welcome message

-Personalized, customized automated emails

-Integration with sales force and other third party software

-Individual affiliate traffic reports

-Affiliate tagging features

-Multiple subids for affiliates


-Intuitive administration control

-Option for affiliates to post sales to custom script

-Auto Responses for sending follow-up emails

-Flexible commission payout structure and bonuses

-Direct Linking for SEO benefits

-Option for email marketing creative and email marketing for affiliates

-Language files

-Up to 5 tiers for running a multi-level affiliate program

-Multiple payout options

-Supports Paypal Masspay

-Supports product specific affiliate commissions

-Supports recurring commissions

-Tabular and graphical reports and charts

-Post to Facebook feature for promoting your products on Facebook

-Supports many different ad types including flash banners

-Supports tracking sales through paypal


-Global reach to affiliates

-Fraud detection and monitoring

-Reliable On-time payments

-Advanced search feature

-Real-time in-depth reporting

-Personalized support

[Essential First Steps To Starting Your Affiliate Program]

Establish An Autoresponder Newsletter System So You Can Build A List Of Affiliates

Aweber and Getresponse are excellent autoresponder programs that will allow you to build a list of affiliates and communicate with them via email. There are other options like Mailchimp which is free and Active Campaign which is more advanced but the two most popular autoresponders are Aweber and Getresponse.

Promote Your Affiliate Program Via Joint Venture Platforms

Jvnotifypro is an excellent platform which will allow you to spread the word of your upcoming product launch to affiliate marketers. Affiliate marketers and product buyers go to this site to get updated on current and future product launches. You will also find some awesome content about product launching, attracting affiliates, and joint ventures on the site.

Jvnotifypro has been around for a long-time but instead of becoming outdated it has become evergreen because of the tremendous value it provides to both affiliates, vendors, and buyers.

Jvnotify pro has a huge database of affiliates. Jvnotifypro allows you to post and advertise your launch on their homepage. There is a free and paid version of Jvnotifypro and the amount of exposure you get to your product launch varies depending upon which version you go with.

For example, if you go with the paid version you will be able to feature your product launch on the top of the homepage. You also get other VIP  perks including, a VIP partners only forum, a jv referral ad network, qualification for premium vip jv mailings,  premium audio + video training content, and much more…

Without a doubt is a great resource for product vendors and affiliates.


Muncheye is one of the top internet marketing product launch calendars on the internet. You can submit the details of your product launch for free, and get your product in front of thousands of potential affiliates. You can easily see when the big product launches will be taking place so you can plan your launch accordingly. You also have the option to pay for a featured launch listing where your launch details will be placed will appear at the top of the homepage. The cost is $200 per launch.

If you plan on doing a successful launch I highly recommend you post your launch on Muncheye and also use the calendar to avoid launching during the same time as some of the big product launches.

[Advanced Steps To Launching Your Affiliate Program]

Boost Exposure With Affiliate Program Directories has an affiliate directory which will allow you to get more exposure for your affiliate program. You can list your affiliate program there for a one-time fee of $49.90

They also have a maximum exposure option where your listing will be posted on the directories homepage.  To get the maximum exposure it will cost you $29.95 a month.

You can also pay for banner advertising on their homepages which they claim you will get 30,000 ad views per 30-day block. You get a high-profile sidebar ad with ad sizes such as 300 x 600, 300 x 250, or 160 x 600. The price is $200 per 30-day block.

Lastly, they offer newsletter advertising. They say you can reach over 33,000 affiliate marketers who are responsible for driving millions of dollars in affiliate sales for vendors. The ad type consists of:

-170px by 170px image

-20 Character title (link)

-200 Character body

-30 Character call-to-action

They send 2-3 newsletters per month, and the cost for a newsletter ad is $250.

Maximize Efforts With Affiliate Recruitment Sites calls themselves a Web-based hub for business development, not an affiliate network. They have a database filled with profile information on top affiliates and advertisers.

For $99 per month you get access to an affiliate partner recruitment tool that will allow you to:

-Locate and qualify your ideal affiliate partners quickly

-Put together high-quality affiliate sales pitches

-Track and report your affiliate recruitment progress

You can check out the site and see if the product and service they’re providing is right for you. You can give them a call or check out the faqs section to get a better understanding of what they do. The investment is $1,199.95 annually for the standard version, and $2,499.95 for the premium version. is another site that will help you recruit affiliates. They have a three-pronged approach which consists of:

-Leveraging their existing relationships built over 17 years of affiliate recruitment experience

-Approach your competitor’s affiliates

-Search the web and identify targeted affiliate sites

If this sounds good to you then I recommend you check out their site for more info. If you decide to work with them you will be paying a launch fee of $250 and a monthly or per campaign fee of $450 for their services.

Gain Exposure With Professional Press Releases

Press releases are a great way to get exposure for your launch if done correctly and on a reputable site. If you plan on doing a press release I highly recommend you get someone on or to do it for you who has a high rating. Press releases are typically not free, and if you’re going to do it one it is best to get a professional to write it for you. Here are some recommended press release sites below.


[Using Hot Trends In Launching Your Affiliate Program]

Leveraging Twitter For Social Marketing Success

  • Viral Potential
  • Fast and easy communication with potential affiliates
  • Benefit from getting in reach of the hundreds of millions of users
  • Broadcast your launch on behalf of your business/brand
  • Use website like to help you build following and social media presence

Using Facebook As Your Megaphone For Your Business

  • Leverage the undeniable popularity of Facebook
  • Communicate with potential affiliates
  • Use for product announcements and updates
  • Literally find top product launchers and affiliates by searching for affiliate and jv groups
  • Reach out to potential affiliates via private message (you can either focus on building long-term relationships by starting small talk and going from there, or if you have a really awesome product you can just let your offer do the talking by presenting the details in a professional manner)

Unleash YouTube To Harness The Power Of Video Marketing

  • Awesome viral potential
  • Use video marketing to gain and motivate affiliates
  • Free and easy options to create videos (powerpoint, animoto, etc..)

So, those are some effective tips you can apply to build a massive army of affiliates for your next product launch. The key to making this work is to have an awesome offer that affiliates want to promote.

Commissions need to be great, the sales page needs to be great, and the product needs to be great. Then from there it’s just a matter of getting your launch in front of affiliates which I’ve given you a couple tips on how you can do that. If you still need more help with affiliate recruitment feel to reach out and I’ll give you some more customized tips to help you out.