I thought I’d share with you step-by-step how I went from making around $1k-$3k per month, to attracting $50k within a 30-day period.

I remember when I was working almost 24 hours a day on my business going in circles, trying to figure out how I was going to achieve my goal of $10k per month. I was obsessed with this goal but for some reason I couldn’t make any more than $5k in a month.

I decided that I needed to get a coach or figure out a way to work directly with someone who is making $10k+ per month.

After reaching out to a couple people via Facebook pm, I eventually found somebody who was willing to work with me 1-on-1. He told me we would go 50/50 on any sales that we made together and I said “Let’s Do It!”

I was so committed to my goal of $10k per month that I didn’t mind giving up 50% of my sales, because I knew that I would learn a set of skills that would allow me to go on and make $10k+ per month on my own.

However, the individual who decided to work with me was only willing to do this because I had a proven track record of taking action. Although, I wasn’t getting the results I wanted, I was taking massive action and he saw and respected my ability to stay disciplined. This alone was enough to convince him to work with me.

You see, he has generated over 7 figure in sales online, and he charges a minimum of $4k to work with him 1-on-1 so it was truly a blessing to work with him, and giving away 50% of my profits was really a great deal for me.

So, while working together the first thing we did was create an irresistible offer. We already decided we were going to serve the internet marketing/make money online niche, so we needed to create a perfect offer that our target audience couldn’t refuse. This offer was a done-for-you service plus coaching that pretty much everybody in the internet marketing niche would find to be irresistible.

Then once we had the offer, we had to figure out the fastest way to get quality traffic to that offer.

Well, at the time, I had an email list of about 500 people who were interested in internet marketing that I built up from scratch from my years of marketing online.

Fortunately, I did an excellent job of providing value to my list, and I built up strong trust and credibility with my list over those years. So, even though the list wasn’t huge, it was still a quality list with decent open-rates.

So, we personally emailed everybody on my list who reached out for coaching in the past. We decided to email each person personally, because when someone receives a personal email, he/she is more willing to respond to it as opposed to a generic autoresponder email.

So, after reaching out to around 50 people. About 10 people responded.

They responded to an email that basically explained the irresistible offer and had a call-to-action at the end telling them to reply to the email if they’re interested in the opportunity.

Out of the 10 people who responded we closed 3 people into our opportunity which totaled to $50,000 in sales.
We were selling high ticket services that demanded a high price without much convincing (the offers ranged from $10k-$25k)

All we needed to do was present the “ irresistible offer” and create trust with the prospects.

We created trust by building a reputation of helping people with quality content and products, and being truthful and transparent with our prospects.

After going through this experience, I learned how simple it is to hit your goals once you know exactly what to do.

If you really think about it, all we really did was create an irresistible offer with tons of value, and then presented that offer to our target market. Then when it was time to close the sale, we were able to demonstrate that we are trustworthy and capable of delivering results with our confidence and our credibility that was developed through helping people in our niche for free and with quality products/services.

So, you’re probably wondering how you can go out and attract these kinds of results for yourself.

Well, let me break it down into a 5 steps for you:

1. Become A Expert/Specialist At Solving Problems In A Profitable Niche (This doesn’t need to take long, you can do this in 7-30 days if you take it seriously.)

2. Go and actually help people solve their problems for free/low prices to build your reputation and create testimonials (social proof)

3. Once you’ve proven to yourself that you can really solve people’s problems, increase your prices to the high ticket range ($1,000+) and create an irresistible offer that demands the high ticket price

4. Go and place your offer in front of your target audience and let your credibility and your offer sell itself

5. Make sure you get your clients results, and keep helping people at the highest level until you become the Go-To Guy/Gal In your Niche (at that point you will have more business then you can handle)
I hope this helps!

P.S. I took the skills I learned from this experience and went on to make a lot more than the $50k we made in the first 30 days on my own and in other joint ventures.