Embrace And Solve Problems

I believe there are three kinds of people in this world.

You have the excuse-makers, the problem-solvers, and the people in the middle.

The question is, which one are you?

I can speak to someone for less than an hour and I can quickly identify which one of the three kinds of people he/she represents.

Problem Solvers

If you’re someone who is striving for financial freedom, or any form of extraordinary achievement, you must become a problem-solver.

Problem-solvers take full responsibility for their issues in life, and they use the resources they have to solve their problems.

It doesn’t matter how long it may take or how much effort may be required to solve a specific problem, because a problem solver will find a way to solve that problem no matter what.

Excuse Makers

Excuse-makers are the people who can identify a problem, but refuse to take responsibility for solving it.

Excuse-makers like to blame others, or blame their circumstances for their problems, and they never seem to achieve any extraordinary goals, because they don’t have what it takes to overcome an obstacle.


The people in the middle are probably the most miserable of the three, because they usually get a little taste of success but can’t seem to hold on to it and then the disappointment can lead to times of complete and utter failure.

These people are sometimes able to solve their problems, but when things get too hard or challenging, they start to make excuses and begin to ignore their problems.

The people in the middle know that they have a lot of potential, but usually they end up getting close to their goals, and then at some point they start to fade back into their comfort zone.

The people in the middle normally experience inconsistent results and it’s hard to stay motivated when you can’t seem to obtain some form of consistent results in your life.

Become A Problem Solver

The key to success is identify what kind of person you’re and if you realize you’re not a proactive problem-solver, then you need to make some changes now.

Problem-solvers get what they want in life, and excuse-makers get the scraps that problem-solvers leave behind.

Do you want to achieve your income goals?

Do you want to live a life of freedom?

Stop accepting an average life, and start addressing the problems in your life.

If you’re not making enough money to live your ideal lifestyle, then find a way to fix that problem.

If you’re not experiencing a life of freedom, then find a way to fix that problem.

If you don’t actively address your problems and fix them, they will continue to haunt you as long as you live.

I’m just being 110% real with you.

When life brings you crap, you need to turn that crap into sugar.

Turning crap into sugar is no easy task, so don’t expect it to be easy, but I guarantee you it will be worth it.