5 Things You Should Be Doing To Build Your Email List

Wanna make a passive income? Want to push a button, and watch money flow into your bank account? Well, you better build a list. Here are 5 things you should be doing to build your list.

1. If you have a blog or a business website make sure you have an opt-in form in a place where your visitors can’t help but notice it. Most marketers have an opt-in form on the side of the homepage or they have an opt-in form pop-up after a visitor has been on the website for a few seconds.

If you want people to sign up to your list, you need to entice them with a free offer of value. Give away something for free that your visitors would be willing to pay for.

2. Brand yourself and your company professionally. Make your website and/or squeeze page impressive enough to get your visitors to feel comfortable giving you their name and/or email.

You want to have well written articles on your site as well as informative videos. You never know where your visitors are coming from and you usually have one opportunity to impress them enough to get them to sign up to your list.

Make your website and/or squeeze page user friendly. Don’t over-complicate things and always remember that value is more important than flash. You can have all the graphics and pictures in the world but if your visitors don’t find any value in your presentation, they will not return to your website and/or sign up to your email list.

3. Built trust with your subscribers and maintain it. You don’t want to build a reputation of spamming your subscribers. One email a day should be the maximum and if you have to send more than one email a day don’t make it a habit.

You shouldn’t be worried about people unsubscribing from your list but if you’re being too pushy and/or demanding in your emails you’re going to get a large amount of unsubscribes. From my experience, I noticed that people are more willing to stay on your list after you have helped them solve a problem.

4. Create amazing products and services. There is nothing more powerful than word-of-mouth. When somebody buys one of your products or services and you actually solve their problem, then they will have no problem recommending you to friends and family. Look, everyone knows that there are people out there who are only looking to make a quick buck so they make crappy products, and deliver terrible service to their customers.

You can separate yourself from the thousands of people who don’t take the time out to give massive value to their customers, just by making sure that you offer tons more value than the price of your products and services.

5. Take advantage of niche-related forums. As a list-builder, your job is to build relationships with your subscribers.

Assuming you have friends that you get along with fairly well, you probably understand that a good friendship usually depends
on the participant’s ability to empathize and connect with each other.

So in other words, you want to hang out in niche-related forums so that you can understand what your subscribers hate, like, and love. You will find questions that need answers, and theories that need to be tested. You will never run out of content and things to talk about with your subscribers. Forums are literally all you need to write emails that your subscribers will enjoy.