#1 Avoiding Publicity

I know a lot of people who want to make a lot of money but they don’t want fame.

Well, when it comes to marketing, the goal should be to achieve as much fame as possible (for the right reasons of course).

Marketing is all about getting attention and communicating your message to as much of your target audience as possible. Social media rewards the bold and the courageous. Those who are willing to step outside their comfort zone and do something different will receive more exposure and influence within their market.

What can you do right now that will make your brand and company stand out? What could you do right now that will put you and your company in the spotlight?

Throw a big event maybe?

Work your way into the networks of people who are playing at a higher level than you so you can get their support with your events/marketing?

Or how about running a shocking marketing campaign that has never been seen before?

Stop copying what everybody else is doing and do something that will grab people’s attention and shake them out of their regular daily routines.

#2 Being Too Humble

If you plan on doing some internet marketing, then you better be ready to be bold, strong, and proud. People are attracted to confidence and certainty, and being humble in your marketing is simply just boring.

Being humble only works when you’re super successful and it’s obvious that your product and services is the shit, but if you want people to take notice and give you the time of day, then you need to be aggressive in your marketing and don’t be afraid to add some hype.

I’m not saying to make any false promises, but if your product/service doesn’t solve a big problem or at least have some awesome benefits then you probably shouldn’t be selling it anyway.

#3 Not Using Sales

If you’re not offering sales in your business, then you’re missing out on attracting customers who probably would’ve never gave your business a chance. There are people out there who are on the fence and they just need a little push to buy your products and services.

The purpose of running a sale or discount is to attract more customers, and if your product/service is awesome, then your new customers may end up becoming lifetime fans.

#4 Focusing On Money Instead Of Vision

If you have a big vision and a definite purpose, then the money will come.

However, if you just focus on making more money, you will be missing an extremely important step before that. Before you can make more money, you must figure out how you can create more value. This could be more value for your customers, for your employees, or even for yourself, but typically, when you focus on value it results in more money.

Having a vision for your company and how you want to impact the world positively will lead to the creation of value and ultimately lead to more money.

#5 Horrible Customer Service

It’s a sad reality, but most entrepreneurs and companies will provide exceptional service and communication in order to get a sale, but once the sale is made it’s as if the customer becomes dead to that person or company.

This is a huge mistake that business owners are making, because not only will they have a hard time retaining customers but they will miss out on potential referrals.

Although providing exceptional customer service can be a headache it certainly has it’s benefits and if you’re not willing to provide excellent customer service then hire someone or a team of people to do it for you. It’s certainly worth it, or you can just learn the hard way about what happens when you provide crappy customer service.

So, there you have it. 5 mistakes you must avoid if you want to be a successful internet marketer. I hope you found value in this post, and if you have any tips of your own, please feel free to add them.